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An Overhead crane is also called a Bridge crane (or Workstation Crane).   Bridge cranes are typically used for applications where efficiency or minimal downtime are critical factors.  

Crane Authority has overhead workstation cranes and bridge cranes up to 30-ton capacity

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  Overhead Bridge Cranes  

  up to 30-Ton  

Crane Authority offers a wide variety of bridge crane and overhead crane systems. With the expertise to engineer and design, Crane Authority is capable of providing most any custom-built bridge crane system to accommodate a variety of applications.


We offer both top running and underhung bridge crane and runway systems. All systems are available with manual, hand geared, or motorized bridge movement.


Bridge cranes and runways are manufactured with steel I beams or wide flange beams for increased structural rigidity and life-span. Crane end trucks are fabricated from structural steel channels or plates welded into a rigid frame. Top running wheels are forged steel. Drive wheels are tapered tread. Under running wheels are forged steel and have a crowned or flat tread for operation on standard S beam, wide flange beam, or patented track.


Rated loads from 1/4 to 30 ton with span/runway lengths up to 100+ feet.



Freestanding Systems

Ceiling Hung

Bridge Crane Kits Available (Convertible End Trucks)

        Under Hung

        Top Running


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A bridge crane consists of overhead parallel runways with a traveling bridge spanning the gap.  The single or double girder configuration, called a bridge, moves the crane up and down the runways, and the cranes lifting component (the trolley and hoist) run side-to-side traveling along the bridge


We are authorized sellers of Spanco Cranes, one of the world's best bridge crane manufacturers.  We also sell more budget-minded cranes such as our Crane Authority bridge cranes.


Need help determining the right bridge crane solution for you?  We stock and sell all types of bridge cranes.  If you need an overhead crane, workstation bridge crane, free-standing bridge crane, overhead bridge crane, s workstation cranes, or Spanco cranes, our talented engineers are always available to help advise you on your crane configuration and selection

Crane Authority has workstation cranes and bridge cranes up to 30-ton capacity.

Need help selecting the right Bridge Crane?

Our team is here and ready to help with all your questions to help guide you to the perfect solution for your bridge crane needs. 


Crane Authority has a wide variety of versatile models of bridge cranes including Spanco Cranes as well as our own brand.  


There are two basic configurations of overhead cranes or bridge cranes:


The EOT (electric overhead crane) is the most common type of bridge (overhead) crane. These cranes are operated using a crane control pendant, a radio remote pendant or from an operator cabin that is attached to the crane itself.


The rotary bridge (overhead) crane has one end of the bridge mounted on a fixed pivot and the other end carried on an annular track. The bridge traverses the circular area beneath.


Savings from not renting mobile cranes often offset the cost of a bridge crane.


There are hundreds of types of bridge cranes, work station cranes and components, not all of them are listed here in our online crane store.  Most projects involving cranes requires expert advice and guidance.  We understand that selecting the right crane can be a critical and costly decision for any manufacturer or company in need of a bridge crane configuration.  We want to help you make the best decision for your workstation bridge crane needs.  


At Crane Authority our engineers and team have a “customer first” mindset.  We know that getting the right crane is a major investment and decision.  We are always happy to share our decades of expertise to assure that your needs are met.


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Chances are, we can help you.


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