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Overhead Crane Sales and Service, Hoist, Crane Controls, Crane Accessories for the Greater Metropolitan Chicago and the Midwest States by Crane Authority

About – Crane Authority

Located in the greater metropolitan Chicago community of Downers Grove Illinois, Crane Authority is known to have the best prices and services in the Crane industry.  We have over 30 years of experience in the crane industry.  Our service and values are impeccable.

Crane Authority offers a large selection of cranes and hoists, manual lifting products, powered lifting Crane products, radio remotes, and other crane accessories.  In addition, our online Crane Services, jib, hoist, and crane accessory store has thousands of products. Our customers include industrial facilities, fabrication plants, steel mills, workshops, garages, machine shops, manufacturing facilities, marine harbors, boat owners, and more.

We Provide Complete Crane Accessories at Best Price

We not only supply the best quality crane accessories but also offer the best customer service, support, and prices.

Crane Authority helps customers determine the best solutions for their Crane Industry’s needs and often helps engineer and install crane solutions.  Looking for a custom crane solution? 

Want expert and honest crane advice?

We are happy to help with the best crane services.  Please give us a call at (630) 725-9515 now, our experienced sales representatives are ready to serve you in any way we can.

Crane Authority
Crane Authority
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