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Walker Lifting Magnet
Walker Lifting Magnets
Permanent Magnet
Permanent Magnets

Material Lifting Magnets are used in steel supply, machine, and die shops where heavy steel objects must be moved rapidly and safely. This Crane Lifting device has high lift capacity and ease of operation as well as being lightweight.  No power consumption needed.   Handle locks in “On” or “Off” positions to prevent unintentional operation. Meets all the requirements of ANSI / ASME B30.20 (safety standard). NEO Magnets can lift Round Bar, Pipe, and Flat Plates easily. Magnets supplied with manual, pull test certificate, DVD, and safety poster.

Capacity PlateCapacity RoundModel WidthHeightMagnet Price 
0-275 lbs.0-50 lbs.NEO-1252.3 inch4 inch$445.00
0-550 lbs.0-275 lbs.NEO-2504 inch6 inch$640.00
0-1100 lbs.0-550 lbs. NEO-5004.7 inch6 inch$835.00
0-2200 lbs. 0-1100 lbs.NEO-10005.8 inch8.5 inch$1,520.00
0-4400 lbs.0-2200 lbs.NEO-20006.5 inch9.8 inch$3,160.00
Circular Electric Magnets

CER magnets are ideally suited for in-plant handling of steel plate, flat stock, castings, forgings, or machined components in all types of industrial plants, machine shops, fabricating shops and steel warehouses. Recessed “ON-OFF-RELEASE” switch is protected against accidental operation  Crane Features:

Low-carbon steel body for maximum magnetic performance in Heavy-duty Crane, fully moisture-protected coils; 50% duty cycle

Operating light indicates “ON” condition of magnet

Built-in solid state rectifier permits operation from 115 volt AC outlet

Coiled cord and twist lock adapter for quick connection to AC supply

Mating twist lock receptacle provided for your installation convenience

Capacity Model DiameterHeightMagnet Price 
0-600 lbs.CER-55.12 inch9.8 inch$2,560.00
0-1200 lbs.CER-76.75 inch11.3 inch$2,720.00
0-2400 lbs.CER-99 inch11.8 inch$3,040.00
0-4000 lbs. CER-1212 inch13.6 inch$3,725.00
0-7250 lbs.CER-1616 inch14.5 inch$10,370.00
0-10,500 lbs.CER-2020 inch 15 inch$11,400.00
Battery Powered Magnets

Local & cordless remote controlled battery powered lift magnets are designed for flat material handling. These Battery Powered Lifting Magnets are compact, mobile, self-contained battery powered units. Battery Operated Lifting Magnets can operate on their own power sources, they are free of restricting cords and wires and have the further advantage of being usable in areas where electric power is not available.


  • Pocket for IR Remote Transmitter*
  • Removable cover allows inspection of battery
  • Temperature compensated: built-in automatic cut-off charger prevents over-charging of battery.
  • For safety, magnet can not be turned “ON” if battery charge is too low.
  • Interlock prevents magnet de-energization when suspended in air.
  • Audible Warning Alarm and flashing light indicate low battery
  • Lighted display indicates battery charge level.
  • 110V AC cord and plug for built-in battery charger
  • Uses “Deep Discharge” type low maintenance Gel Cell Battery.
  • Meets all the requirements of ANSI/ASME B30.20 (safety standard).
  • Our Battery Powered Magnets supplied with manual, pull test certificate, video, and safety poster.
Capacity PlateCapacity RoundModel WidthHeightMagnet Price 
0-3000 lbs.N/AWBM-138.6 inch22 inch$4,175.00
0-5500 lbs.N/AWBM-259.6 inch23 inch$4,615.00
0-8000 lbs.N/AWBM-369.6 inch23 inch$6,730.00
0-11,000 lbs. N/AWBM-5012 inch23 inch$8,850.00
0-1665 lbs.0-750 lbs.WBP-79.5 inch28 inch$12,410.00
0-3330 lbs.0-1500 lbs.WBP-1510.5 inch30 inch$7,075.00


Remote Control $228.00Battery $310.00


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