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Crane Controls
Remtron Patriot  Radio Remote Controls

Compact and extremely tough keypad operator control. The most affordable, high quality wireless cranecontrols available. 100% American made and supported, thePatriot® is offered in four models, all of which use Remtron’s proven Command Pro® technology. All Patriot systems are shipped ready to install with a six foot long wiring harness andinclude our exclusive extruded aluminum receiver enclosure.Best of all, the Patriot series transmitters come with a one  rugged and reliable system with less downtime. Superior factory support with an unconditional one-year warranty. Made entirely in the USA.


  • Up to 15 functions
  • On/Alarm and Off/Stop buttons
  • Up to 3 two-step discrete rockers
  • Up to 6 push buttons
  • Optional multiplex selector
  • LED for operational status
  • Long-life disposable batteries
Control Configuration Model Price Spare Transmitter Leather Holster Clear Pouch 
3-Motion 1 Speed 25S08A $1,125.00 $620.00 $105.00 $18.00
2-Motion 2 Speed 25S10A $1,195.00 $620.00 $105.00 $18.00
3-Motion 2 Speed 25S11A $1,375.00 $620.00 $105.00 $18.00
4 or 5-Motion 2 Speed 25S15A $1,685.00 $710.00 $110.00 $18.00
Duct O Wire Radio Remote Controls

The 3M2 Series Radio / Remote Control is a versatile System, ideal for complex industrial applications. The compact, 8-pushbutton Transmitter fits easily in the user’s hand. The 3M2 Series is a 3-motion, 2-speed radio, suitable for most industrial applications. With a range of 300 feet, the 3M2 can accommodate larger applications without compromising safety.

Installation of the 3M2 Series is very simple, and both AC and DC* voltage configurations are available. As with all Duct-O-Wire ™ Controls products, the 3M2 Series comes with a standard two-year Warranty against all manufacturer’s defects.

Control Configuration Model Price Spare Transmitter
2-Motion 2 Speed RC-2M2 $690.00 Included
3-Motion 2 Speed RC-3M2-A $760.00 Included