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With years of experience, we specialize in the distribution of some the top Davit Cranes, in the USA. Our Davit Cranes have been used in every industry for 30 years. Our industries including oil, waste water treatment, automotive, aviation and construction. Our products have provided safe lifting solutions in demanding applications for over 30 years.

Crane Authority offers OZ Davit Crane and Thern Davit Cranes.  With this combination, we can provide qualified personnel that will be able to pick the Davit Crane for your needs.  We can provide load testing and installations on the davit cranes. 

Crane Authority offers to assist you for any regulatory testing for your OZ Davit Cranes or Thern Davit Cranes.  The Davit Cranes can come in Stainless, Galvanized or Powder Coated.

Our company offers a wide range of davit cranes that are fully guaranteed by us. You can visit our website for any davit crane or contact us to find out about our special offers.


Davit Cranes are a popular choice across many industries and applications because of their affordable, versatility.

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