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MANUAL OR POWER operation Thern davit cranes can be configured with a manual winch for short, infrequent lifts or a power winch for longer lifts or heavier loads. Choose from Thern’s spur or worm gear hand winches or power winches with 115/1/60V as well as pneumatic, hydraulic or DC Volt power operation. Thern Davit Cranes offers lift options for all their crane models to satisfy almost any situation where there is a need for lifts from 500 lbs (226 kg) up to 3,000 lbs (1360 kg) and up to 475 ft., (144 m) below floor. Davit Cranes installation allows for mounting on roof tops, trucks, boats, docks, silos, towers, mezzanines and more. Portable Davit Cranes have adjustable boom length and heights which allows for clearance of most obstructions. Whether it is for permanent or temporary installation, Thern Davit Cranes are a popular choice across many industries and applications because of their affordable, versatility.

Everything You Need for Your Crane Industry

 5PA5 Sereis5PF5 Sereis5PT10 Series5PT20 Series
Base Davit Cranes500 lb.850 lb.1200 lb.2000 lb.
Powder Coated Davit Crane$760.00$380.00$1,045.00$1,790.00
Galvanized Davit Crane $915.00$470.00$1,260.00$2,145.00
Stainless 304 Davit Crane$1,630.00$710.00$1,885.00$3,215.00
Stainless 316 Davit Crane$1,785.00$1,075.00$2,875.00$4,895.00
Epoxy Gray Davit Crane$2,310.00$490.00$1,310.00$2,230.00
Zinc Plated Hand Winch$365.00$365.00$630.00$630.00
Stainless Steel Hand Winch$935.00$935.00$1,260.00$1,260.00
Powder Coated Worm Gear $870.00$845.00$845.00$845.00
Epoxy Gray Worm Gear$1,130.00$1,095.00$1,095.00$1,095.00
Enamel 115v Electric Winch$2,185.00$2,125.00$2,125.00$2,125.00
Epoxy Gray 115v Electric Winch$2,795.00$2,740.00$2,725.00$2,725.00
Enamel 12v DC Electric Winch$3,560.00$3,560.00$3,560.00$3,560.00
Epoxy 12v DC Electric Winch$4,110.00$4,110.00$4,120.00$4,120.00
Pedestal Powder Coated $165.00$165.00$360.00$450.00
Pedestal Galvanized$195.00$195.00$430.00$540.00
Pedestal 304 Stainless$325.00$325.00$474.00$895.00
Pedestal 316 Stainless$485.00$485.00$1,060.00$1,340.00
Pedestal Epoxy Gray$205.00$205.00$450.00$560.00
Flush Mount/Wall Mount as well    
Wire Ropes with hook/ball fitting    
28 feet   5/16″ galvanized $152.00$152.00$152.00$152.00
36 feet 5/16″ galvanized $160.00$160.00$160.00$160.00
28 feet   5/16″ 304 stainless$325.00$325.00$325.00$325.00
36 feet   5/16″ 304 stainless$345.00$345.00$345.00$345.00
Other sizes/lengths available    
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