Wall Mounted Cantilever Jib Cranes and Wall Mounted Tie Rod Jib Cranes

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Wall Mounted Cantilever Jib Crane

Wall Mounted Cantilever Jib Cranes

Wall-mounted cantilever Jibs are used in bays, along walls, in work cells, or as a supplement to overhead cranes or gantry systems. Similar to the tie rod style crane, but allowing maximum hoist lift.


• Capacities up to 12 ton

• Standard Span lengths up to 30+ feet

• Custom span lengths available



• 180+ degree rotation is standard



• Heavy duty with effortless rotation, cast iron fittings with roller bearings and zerk fittings for easy field lubrication.


• Tight Wire Kit (Festooning/”Tagline”)

• Rotation Stops

• Outdoor Application

• Motorized Rotation

• Hoist & Trolley Packages


• Less headroom required for mounting

• Maximizes hoist lift

Item NumberPriceCapacitySpanI-Beam DepthWeightM DimensionFitting Center (R)Thrust & Pull
313-500-08$1,379.00500 Lbs8′-0”8′245 Lbs1′-3”4′-0”1,300 Lbs
313-500-10$1,436.00500 Lbs10′-0”8′298 Lbs1′-4”4′-0”1,575 Lbs
313-500-12$1,494.00500 Lbs12′-0”8′330 Lbs1′-4”4′-0”1,900 Lbs
313-500-14$1,594.00500 Lbs14′-0”8′460 Lbs1′-4”4′-0”2,225 Lbs
313-500-16$1,862.00500 Lbs16′-0”10′690 Lbs1′-6”4′-0”2,600 Lbs
313-500-18$1,987.00500 Lbs18′-0”10′740 Lbs1′-6”4′-0”2,900 Lbs
313-500-20$2,068.00500 Lbs20′-0”10′810 Lbs1′-6”4′-0”3,300 Lbs
313-1-08$1,423.001,000 Lbs8′-0”8′250 Lbs1′-4”4′-0”2,600 Lbs
313-1-10$1,479.001,000 Lbs10′-0”8′298 Lbs1′-4”4′-0”3,150 Lbs
313-1-12$1,536.001,000 Lbs12′-0”8′330 Lbs1′-4”4′-0”3,850 Lbs
313-1-14$1,822.001,000 Lbs14′-0”10′640 Lbs1′-6”4′-0”4,500 Lbs
313-1-16$1,904.001,000 Lbs16′-0”10′690 Lbs1′-6”4′-0”5,150 Lbs
313-1-18$2,498.001,000 Lbs18′-0”12′1,050 Lbs1′-8”5′-0”4,700 Lbs
313-1-20$2,587.001,000 Lbs20′-0”12′1,110 Lbs1′-8”5′-0”5,200 Lbs
313-2-08$1,478.002,000 Lbs8′-0”8′250 Lbs1′-4”4′-0”5,000 Lbs
313-2-10$1,658.002,000 Lbs10′-0”10′460 Lbs1′-6”4′-0”6,250 Lbs
313-2-12$1,740.002,000 Lbs12′-0”10′490 Lbs1′-6”4′-0”7,600 Lbs
313-2-14$2,263.002,000 Lbs14′-0”12′775 Lbs1′-8”5′-0”7,300 Lbs
313-2-16$2,535.002,000 Lbs16′-0”12′840 Lbs1′-8”5′-0”8,200 Lbs
313-2-18$2,758.002,000 Lbs18′-0”15′1,420 Lbs1′-11”6′-0”7,750 Lbs
313-2-20$2,864.002,000 Lbs20′-0”15′1,510 Lbs1′-11”6′-0”8,600 Lbs
313-4-08$2,102.004,000 Lbs8′-0”12′525 Lbs1′-11”5′-0”8,000 Lbs
313-4-10$2,618.004,000 Lbs10′-0”12′665 Lbs1′-11”5′-0”10,500 Lbs
313-4-12$2,764.004,000 Lbs12′-0”12′740 Lbs1′-11”5′-0”12,500 Lbs
313-4-14$3,248.004,000 Lbs14′-0”15′1,200 Lbs2′-2”6′-0”13,000 Lbs
313-4-16$4,032.004,000 Lbs16′-0”18′1,585 Lbs2′-5”6′-0”14,500 Lbs
313-4-18$4,420.004,000 Lbs18′-0”18′1,795 Lbs2′-5”6′-0”16,000 Lbs
313-4-20$4,594.004,000 Lbs20′-0”18′2,120 Lbs2′-5”6′-0”17,500 Lbs
313-6-08$2,786.006,000 Lbs8′-0”15′790 Lbs2′-2”6′-0”9,900 Lbs
313-6-10$2,908.006,000 Lbs10′-0”15′840 Lbs2′-2”6′-0”13,000 Lbs
313-6-12$3,028.006,000 Lbs12′-0”15′960 Lbs2′-2”6′-0”14,500 Lbs
313-6-14$3,460.006,000 Lbs14′-0”18′1,470 Lbs2′-5”6′-0”18,000 Lbs
313-6-16$4,303.006,000 Lbs16′-0”18′1,580 Lbs2′-5”6′-0”21,000 lBS
313-6-18$5,038.006,000 Lbs18′-0”20′2,110 Lbs2′-7”6′-0”23,000 Lbs
313-6-20$5,254.006,000 Lbs20′-0”20′2,350 Lbs2′-7”6′-6″25,000 lbs. 
Tie Rod Wallmounted Jib Crane

Wall Mounted Tie Rod Jib Cranes

With the smoothest rotation and lowest deflections in the industry, our tie rod-style jib cranes are an excellent economical heavy-duty crane solution.  Crane Authority tie rod style jib crane can be built to your desired specifications.  Available in manual and motorized rotation.  Often used in bays, along walls, in work cells, or as a supplement to overhead cranes or gantry systems. Similar to the cantilever style crane but is more economical if headroom is not an issue.


• Capacities up to 12 ton

• Standard Span lengths up to 35 feet


180 degree rotation is standard


Heavy duty with effortless rotation, cast iron

fittings with roller bearings and zerk fittings for easy field lubrication


• Most economical solution

• Less beam deflection

• Smaller beam size

• Easier to rotate in larger applications

• Hook travel closer to mounting column

• Easier to adjust tip of boom


• Tight Wire Kit (Festooning/”Tagline”)

• Rotation Stops

• Motorized Rotation

• Outdoor Application

• Motorized Rotation

• Hoist & Trolley Packages

Item NumberPriceCapacitySpanI-Beam DepthWeightM DimensionFitting Center (R)Thrust & Pull
311-500-18$1,440.00500 Lbs18′-0”6′371 Lbs2′-3”5′-6”2,070 Lbs
311-500-20$1,504.00500 Lbs20′-0”6′405 Lbs2′-6”6′-0”2,120 Lbs
311-500-08$1,111.00500 Lbs8′-0”6′210 Lbs1′-3”2′-9”1,780 Lbs
311-500-10$1,114.00500 Lbs10′-0”6′240 Lbs1′-6”3′-0”2,060 Lbs
311-500-12$1,207.00500 Lbs12′-0”6′270 Lbs1′-9”3′-9”2,000 Lbs
311-500-14$1,243.00500 Lbs14′-0”6′305 Lbs2′-0”4′-0”2,200 Lbs
311-500-16$1,300.00500 Lbs16′-0”6′340 Lbs2′-0”5′-0”2,020 Lbs
311-1-18$1,440.001,000 Lbs18′-0”8′495 Lbs2′-3”6′-0”3,800 Lbs
311-1-20$1,500.001,000 Lbs20′-0”8′522 Lbs2′-6”6′-6”3,900 Lbs
311-1-08$1,114.001,000 Lbs8′-0”6′210 Lbs1′-3”2′-9”3,550 Lbs
311-1-10$1,140.001,000 Lbs10′-0”6′640 Lbs1′-6”3′-0”4,120 Lbs
311-1-12$1,195.001,000 Lbs12′-0”6′270 Lbs1′-9”3′-9”3,990 Lbs
311-1-14$1,243.001,000 Lbs14′-0”6′305 Lbs2′-0”4′-6”3,900 Lbs
311-1-16$1,300.001,000 Lbs16′-0”6′340 Lbs2′-0”5′-6”3,670 Lbs
311-2-14$1,374.002,000 Lbs14′-0”8′405 Lbs2′-3”4′-9”7,390 Lbs
311-2-16$1,434.002,000 Lbs16′-0”8′431 Lbs2′-6”5′-6”7,330 Lbs
311-2-18$1,507.002,000 Lbs18′-0”8′480 Lbs2′-6”6′-3”7,280 Lbs
311-2-20$1,700.002,000 Lbs20′-0”10′662 Lbs3′-0”7′-0”7,250 Lbs
311-2-08$1,114.002,000 Lbs8′-0”6′210 Lbs1′-3”2′-9”7,100 Lbs
311-2-10$1,158.002,000 Lbs10′-0”6′240 Lbs1′-6”3′-3”7,600 Lbs
311-2-12$1,227.002,000 Lbs12′-0”6′270 Lbs1′-9”4′-0”7,480 Lbs
311-4-08$1,540.004,000 Lbs8′-0”8′378 Lbs1′-3”2′-9”14,200 Lbs
311-4-10$1,627.004,000 Lbs10′-0”8′431 Lbs1′-6”3′-3”15,200 Lbs
311-4-12$1,707.004,000 Lbs12′-0”10′569 Lbs1′-9”4′-0”15,000 Lbs
311-4-14$1,780.004,000 Lbs14′-0”10′636 Lbs2′-0”4′-9”14,800 Lbs
311-4-16$1,947.004,000 Lbs16′-0”10′810 Lbs2′-3”5′-6”14,700 Lbs
311-4-18$2,163.004,000 Lbs18′-0”12′887 Lbs2′-6”6′-3”14,600 Lbs
311-4-20$2,334.004,000 Lbs20′-0”12′912 Lbs3′-0”7′-0”14,500 Lbs
311-6-08$2,120.006,000 Lbs8′-0”12′700 Lbs1′-3”2′-9”21,300 Lbs
311-6-10$2,174.006,000 Lbs10′-0”12′730 Lbs1′-6”3′-3”22,800 Lbs
311-6-12$2,387.006,000 Lbs12′-0”12′760 Lbs1′-9”4′-0”22,500 Lbs
311-6-14$2,904.006,000 Lbs14′-0”12′790 Lbs2′-0”4′-9”22,200 Lbs
311-6-16$3,024.006,000 Lbs16′-0”12′820 Lbs2′-3”5′-6”24,900 Lbs
311-6-18$3,080.006,000 lbs6,000 Lbs12′880 Lbs2′-6”6′-3”21,900 Lbs
311-6-20$3,234.006,000 Lbs20′-0”12′1,260 Lbs3′-0”7′-0”21,800 Lbs
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